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About Me

I love traveling, hiking, mountain climbing and exploring different culture in the world.

I don't know about blogging and i don't have a knowledge about writing, but one thing I attend a seminar last 2010 it makes me interesting., I write blog because I want to enhance my skills in writing and to explore around the globe through blogging.  


I am Royna Castillo as Chin Jung college student of Holy Cross of Davao College, Philippines and admin volunteer of The Edge Radio , scriptwriter and also currently employed at HRD Employment Consultants and Multi-Services as an office assistant/HR. Chin love to play a keyboard, flute, guitar, and also love to watching TV, listening music pop, hip-hop, R&B and rock music. Before I started on the edge radio as a volunteer, I am trying to find my self were I belong, because I think I am not there to be part of them because of my attitude, I am that kind of person being shy. (parang hindi ako bagay dyan kasi masyado akong mahiyain.) But I was wrong, because if you desired to make something different or if you desired to be involved with that and you  should find a way to be involve of what you have really wanted too. Recently I work in a Korean community lasts 2006 for three years and that was my first time to know about the edge radio, since first time broadcast of the edge.  while I am at work of course my days are not complete without music and because of that I really love listening music, programs through radio broadcast, mp3 and I try to find out ’bout Christian radio station because I want to heard all my favorite Christian contemporary music, Christian artist and I want to know more about Christian artist and their songs. That time when I listen to the radio I found the edge radio and it’s very cool. Because for me the edge radio is the only Christian radio station here in Davao City were playing positive music or Christian Songs. It is very inspirational and encouraging especially to the young people who are thirst in the word of God.  And that time I always tune in to the edge radios even were in at work anytime, anywhere. Since first time to heard that about the edge radio I am so really inspired with the music and all it is really encouraging for as every time they play a music I think my life story is written from them through music I'm happy for that, because the song the message is very powerful.  My life before is so mess, indescribable I really don't know were is my direction before. Through listening music and the programs I am so inspired and encourage and that time I started to stand to begin in a new life with Christ.

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About Me

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I am God fearing and love to travel discovering the cultures of people, beautiful places and I love to play musical Instrument.

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